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Quick Tip πŸ’‘

Our warehouse needs 3 days to process rewards from the date they're redeemed. It then takes about 2-5 weeks to deliver to provinces in Canada. Please allow an additional week for the territories.

Are there any specific rewards you're concerned about? Submit a request below!


Please note that we are aware of the recent spike in VAT fee charges. We have since fixed the system error with our warehouse. To ensure your request is taken up quickly, read below:

If you received a package from us and want to pay the customs fee, please include your reward's order number and a photo of your Canada Post receipt. We'll refund you either via wire transfer or Paypal!

Should you wish to receive a refund via Paypal, please provide the email address associated to your account. If you choose to go the wire transfer route, please copy/paste the following and add your info:

  • Bank Name:
  • Account holder's name:
  • Account #:
  • Bank Routing #:
  • SWIFT Code (if available):
  • Address associated to account:

If you reject the package, we'll process a Supercoin refund for you - we just need your order number! πŸ’Έ

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